There is nothing like the smell of the BBQ grilling up some steak or burgers – even if I am not hungry that smell will get me drooling! But, did you know that there are a lot of fruits that grill up beautifully AND taste amazing too!! So, for my vegan pals when I throw a BBQ – I got them covered!


Pineapple has to be my favorite – it gets this  sticky sweetness that goes soo well with chicken, pork or in a burger! A must try, and if you’ve never BBQ’d fruit, pineapple should be your starter!

Watermelon, a definite stand alone fruit BUT toss it on the grill and you get a whole new fruit that goes well with savory dishes and keeps your palate fresh! I like it best with some feta on top.

Peaches, it doesn’t get more simple or much more tasty than grilled peaches. Drizzled with a little oil, they are delicious on their own or topped with a little vanilla ice cream.

Bananas, if you’ve ever had bananas cooked up for bananas Foster, you’ll know how good warm bananas can be. Imagine how good they’ll be caramelized on the grill! I love them mixed in with some carrots, they add an amazing glaze.

Mangoes, you’ll often see a mango salsa accompanying pork, so it makes sense that grilled pieces of the fruit would make a good side dish for pork.  Throw some jerk sauce in with that and I promise you’ll look like a chef!

Grapefruit – this I would eat for breakfast all year long! Sprinkled with a little brown sugar that caramelizes and you can top it with fresh yogurt….and a mimosa for the 5-star breaky!