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By March 5, 2018General


Nadika Vizzy

Naked. What comes to your mind when you see that word? Flesh, curves, freckles, cellulite? Well, my first guest Nadika Vizzy is the Naked Love Coach.  I’m not entirely sure if she’s coming into the studio sans clothes, but I’m pretty sure that she’s gonna have a real and raw look at love!

Love is a meeting of two souls, fully accepting the dark and the light within each other” is a quote on her website. Now, that’s a truth-bomb.

Nadika also wrote an article “He’s just not that into me” – well, we’re gonna explore all of that conversation, strip it down and get raw. Oh, I see, maybe THAT’S what she means by Naked Love Coach…

Check out the conversation tonight March 6, 2018, #datedidwhat Dating and Relationship Show at 7pm Livestream 107.7 FM.


Camille Szpic

Camille Szpic is a dude. With a first name like that, he’s had to develop a great sense of humour and that he has! He’s gonna tickle our funny bones and say a lot of inappropriate things. Okay, maybe not entirely inappropriate, but it will certainly be entertaining!

Along with being the resident funny man, Camille’s also a darn good Realtor. So good in fact, that he won Rookie of the Year! I’m thinking his easy going ways and ability to get people to laugh is what wins over his clients. Either that, or he just gets them to sign the paperwork when they’re in a fit of laughter and don’t know any better.

Tune in and Livestream #datedidwhat Dating and Relationship Show at 7PM tonight March 6, 2018 107.7 FM.

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