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It seems like I’ve got the line on all of the triple, quadruple, quintuple…okay, let’s just say, uber talented ladies coming into the studio. My first guest is no exception, Leeta Liepens is a TV Host, spokesmodel, brand ambassador, a runway, fitness and art model, singer and is also a wellness consultant and health and fitness writer. Whew, busy much?

Leeta is co-host of Our City Tonight, a show that covers entertainment, fashion, nightlife, food and wine events, interesting people and exciting places. So, in other words, she’s got the scoop on EVERYTHING happenin’ in Vancouver. We’re gonna chat about the scene, dating in this beautiful metropolis and what is up with the lack of commitment with these young things these days.


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Think and Grow Rich for Women is happening February 17th at the Cascades Casino in Langley from 9:00am – 5:00pm. I’ve got the two organizers Chantal Schutz and Adera Angelucci coming in the studio to tell us what makes this event different from anything else out there.


These women work with businesses to guide them to find their passion and to know their numbers. Numbers? Yes, those are important too! Chantal and Adera bring entirely different paradigms to business owners and help to guide them to a higher success.


As for Think and Grow Rich for Women, it’s an experiential event for women looking to create their ideal life, on their terms with Sharon Lechter and Lisa Copeland. Be prepared to be challenged and supported with new relationships to bring your desires into action.


Tune in and Livestream Date Did What? Dating and Relationship Show at 7PM 107.7 FM.


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