With the warm summer weather upon us South of the Fraser, patios are calling your name and so is the risk of consuming those extra calories!

Pulse FM Workout Guru Aeryon Ashlie joined Pulse Mornings Wednesday to give some tips for trying to stay healthy at those weekend BBQs with family and patio parties with coworkers / friends.

1. Skip the creamy dishes

Potato Salad = 358 calories/20 grams of fat per cup

Mac 'n Cheese = 390 calories/21 grams of fat per cup

Instead substitute potato salad with a coleslaw with light mayonnaise, or even better minus the mayo for way less calories!

If you can’t help it and your palette is craaaaaaving pasta salad,  swap the mayo and toss the dish in a light olive oil, using whole wheat pasta and little sprinkles of feta for extra goodness without the guilt.

2. Avoid the chip and dip station

Bring a great veggie tray to your next BBQ packed with snap peas, carrots, broccoli and a bomb dot com dip that will help you avoid the chip and dip tray and those salty cravings to the curb.

Ok, chip cravings never really go away but at least you’ll be armed with a solid defense.

3. Skip the Beef Burger

Instead swap beef (510 calories per burger) with salmon or Beyond Meat to save hundreds of calories. BOOM!

Salmon burger with no toppings = 312 calories

Beyond Meat Burger with no toppings = 270 calories

4. Stick to vodka, gin, and wine

Sigh….the best patio partner…alcohol!

Have no fear weekend sippers!

Vodka, gin, rum and tequila are the best alcohols to stick to as they have few carbs and don’t spike your insulin. Mix them with soda water for a light, refreshing drink your scale won’t feel afterwards.

If you really want to keep it light,  ask for half a shot of vodka or any other hard alcohol in a tall glass. Half the alcohol + double the water = owning it!

If it’s wine you crave, skip the white and go for red instead as it carries more  antioxidants. “Lady in reeeeeeed.”

Happy BBQing!

There you have it, the best BBQ tips to follow at your next social gathering.

Happy eating!

Listen to the full segment with Aeryon Ashlie on Pulse Mornings