As stressful as 2020 has been it’s also been a year we learned a whole wack of new words and phrases  (cohort, bubble, social distancing, COVID-19) that, not sure about you, but half the time made me feel like we were in the Matrix!

Here are some of the top Dr. Bonnie Henry / Adrian Dix phrases said at their daily press conferences that quickly became catchphrases throughout the province! 

– find virtue in the virtual
– stay local, stay apart, stay safe
– when in doubt, rule it out
– stick to six
– bend the curve, not the rules
– be kind, be calm, be safe















My favourite all time phrase that didn’t make the “official list” but is still golden is when Adrian Dix tried to urge British Columbians to avoid having large parties back in the summer by belting out ‘‘don’t go, don’t throw, say no!’!

Wow, who knew he had such mad rhyming skills?! Who knows if this health thing doesn’t work out, perhaps we can expect a rap album brought to you by Master Dix! Or…Master-D? A-Dix? Wait and see!

  • Vanessa xox