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Amazon Prime Day is over, and I was curious to know what people were buying this year.

Turns out, a consumer website tracked thousands of Prime Day shoppers to see what people were buying this year.  Here are a few quick stats:

-The top purchases the last two days were Amazon Fire Sticks, Echo Dots, Amazon Gift Card reloads, Frito-Lay variety packs of chips, and doorbell cameras. Interesting!

-The top five types of products we bought were household essentials, health and beauty stuff, electronics, clothes and home-and-garden products.

-People who shopped spent around $130 total per household.  And 57% placed more than one order.

-The average price per item was $34.  And the average price per ORDER was $53, up from 45 bucks last year.  More than half of the items we bought cost less than 20 bucks.  Around 5% were big-ticket items over $100.

-Finally:  Even if you didn’t buy anything, you might still GET something.  Around 1 in 7 people said they bought at least one gift.


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