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Apologies to our American listeners in regards to all of the ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ wishes coming out of our speakers recently. It must be quite confusing for our friends south of the border as you celebrate Thanksgiving in late November – it’s all about those damn Oranges in Florida I tell you.

According to the weather network we celebrated Thanksgiving long before our American friends did. They first celebrated in 1621, the good people of the island of Newfoundland did in 1578. Newfoundland didn’t join the rest of Canada until 1949, but they’re a part of Canada now. so…


Other things to know about when it comes to Thanksgiving:

Nobody is really sure why the official food of Thanksgiving is Turkey. As a matter of fact, anyone who sits down to eat with you and tells you Turkey’s are from Turkey are probably a turkey themselves, because although it is believed the bird could be from that area, some believe the bird is actually a domesticated Mexican bird.

(If your drunk uncle starts calling it Juan or Jose, just roll with it)

And, how much do we Canadians like our Mexican domestic fowl? In 2018, we spent $392 million on 370 million lbs of Turkey Meat.

That’s 2.2 million birds for Thanksgiving last year alone.

No wonder we’re so sleepy.