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(Press Release from Township of Langley)

BCBusiness magazine has released its annual list of Best Cities For Work in BC – Where to Work in 2020, and the Township was named #3 out of 46 municipalities in the province, outranked only by Squamish and Whistler.

“This is an accomplishment we are very proud of,” said Township of Langley Mayor Jack Froese. “A lot of hard work and vision goes into planning our communities and ensuring this municipality thrives, and it is wonderful to see that reflected in the ranking.”

To establish its annual listing, BCBusiness and its research partner, Environics Analytics, examined the municipalities and weighed ten economic indicators, ranging from income growth to housing starts. With its average household income of $125,186, average commute time of just over 28 minutes, and an unemployment rate of 4.6%, Langley Township was one of only two Metro

Vancouver municipalities to make the top ten this year.

“We have a lot to offer and we know our Township provides an exceptional experience for those who work and live here,” Froese said. “In addition to well-paying employment in a variety of industries, the Township offers more affordable housing, diverse education options, tourism experiences, and recreation opportunities, and a unique lifestyle that takes full advantage of our beautiful natural spaces and thriving urban centres.”

“We are the fastest-growing municipality in Metro Vancouver, and as more and more people continue to discover all the Township of Langley has to offer, we will continue to provide the quality of life and work opportunities people are looking for – and strive to make number one on the list,” Froese said.

BCBusiness’s Best Cities For Work in BC ranking was first introduced in 2014 and Langley Township started solidly at #7. Since then it has consistently stayed in or near the top ten and last year rose to #4, before landing at #3 this year.

BCBusiness stated that the success of its three leading municipalities can be attributed to factors such as high household incomes, population growth, and recreation spending, as well as their ability to remain economically resilient.

With a diverse retail, commercial, and industrial base, a desirable location with direct access to US and international markets, an educated and skilled workforce, and business levy competitiveness, Langley Township is established as a place where businesses thrive, said Val Gafka, the Township’s Senior Manager of Economic Investment and Development.

“Our businesses tell us there is something uniquely advantageous about doing business in the Township, something they haven’t experienced elsewhere,” she said. “Our location, our residents, and our community are amongst the many reasons why business locates here.”

“A strong and diverse economic foundation is essential to a strong community future, and our team is here to help your business Explore | Experience | Excel in the Township of Langley,” Gafka added. “There’s only more room for well-paying employment in our community.”

For more on the Township of Langley’s economic initiatives, visit, and check out for places to visit and things to do in our community.