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Did you know that one of Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau Great Grandparents was originally from Malaysia?

Yah, we didnt know either! Its a pretty interesting family-tree, considering he is the leader of our very multi-cultural country.

And how we found this information out: Netflix… of all places!

The TV series “Patriot Act” is a new Stand-Up Comedy show covering Politics, Religion, and Pop Culture. And the host of the Netflix show, Hasan Minhaj (an American whose parents were born in India) has made the list of 2019 “Time” Magazine’s Most Influential People in the World.
This September, they released an episode specifically on Canada.

Thats where the host interviewed Justin Trudeau face-to-face,
and asked him some pretty intense questions:

From the environment… to the pipeline from Alberta to the Lower Mainland…
and there’s even a scene where the host tries to get Trudeau to convert to his
religion (making for some pretty interesting TV, leme tell ya!)

“Patriot Act” on Netflix, just click on the episode “The Two Sides of Canada.”

On that show is where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
mentioned a little bit about his diverse multi-culural family history:
saying he is actually 1/ 32nd Malaysian, believe it or not.

Photo Credit: @ Justin Trudeau on Twitter