PM Justin Trudeau discussed the possibility of opening the Canada US border for non-essential travel with Canada’s premiers, and said that it could be possible by August so long as vaccination rates continue as they are.

Premiers were informed that federal ministers will provide more information on border reopenings in the coming week.

He added that Canada could open its international borders to fully vaccinated travellers, given vaccination rates remain on track.

Currently the non-essential travel ban to the US expires on July 21st, but it is very much likely that the ban will be extended by 30 days one last time to ensure reopening is not preemptive. The ban has been extended month by month for the past year and more.

The consideration to reopen borders is due to 80% of eligible Canadians having received at least the first dose of a vaccine, and 50% have received both doses. This rate is moving on the right and timely trajectory.

However, the US is seeing a rise in cases due to the delta variant and vaccine hesitancy being a problem. If things continue to worsen, then that will be a consideration for Canada in the decision to reopen the Canada-US border.