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YUCK!!  UBC students in line for dinner at one of the school’s cafeterias were shocked to see an unwelcome dinner guest.

Video circulating online shows a  rat on top of the grill station at Open Kitchen, a cafeteria in the Orchard Commons residence on UBC’s Vancouver campus.

The rat caught the attention of many students in the cafeteria. One pulled out her phone and recorded the encounter, which ended when a kitchen worker grabbed the rat with a pair of tongs. The critter fell to the floor, and the worker carried on with his duties.  Dinner service continued, but UBC says the grill station was immediately closed down and sanitized, and all the food was thrown out.

UBC also confirmed Vancouver Coastal Health has since inspected the cafeteria, finding no evidence of rodent infestation and saying it’s content with the school’s sanitation and pest control measures.

Watch the video HERE


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