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I used to work with a woman named Leah who would always complain that it was too cold in the office. Not going to lie, she did it regularly. I always wondered to myself, ‘why is she always cold when I for the most part am okay? Today I’m reading an article about a study done by the University of Southern California and a Berlin Science Centre. What they found was that women do better in completing tasks as temperatures increase whereas men do better at the same tasks when the temperature is colder. Strange right? 

Participants had to complete three different tasks and were promised monetary incentives based on their performance. During one portion, they had to add five two-digit numbers without a calculator. During another, they were asked to build as many German words as possible from certain scrambled letters, Scrabble-style. In the third task, they had to answer logicial problems.

According to the website “In sessions below 70 degrees, women scored an average of 28.7 (out of 35) while men scored an average of 33.7. Both genders scored around 32.6 (although women scored marginally higher) in sessions between 70 and 80 degrees. Women performed better than men in very warm temperatures, scoring an average of nearly 33 in temperatures above 80 degrees while men scored an average of 31.2.

So what does this tell us? If you want your man to do something for you, drop the temperature? Not sure.

And it still doesn’t explain why Leah was always freezing.