We were lucky this time!  The snow that was expected to envelop our region never really materialized.  Yes we had 2 to 5 centimetres in some areas and a skiff here and there in others, but by morning, all of our main roads were just wet.

We drive on wet roads 250 days a year here, we can handle that.

But what does it say about our preparedness?  Do we have any or are we still all reactive people as opposed to proactive?

Do you have snow tires on yet?  If you do, you are part of the minority.  If you don’t and are now on the wait list to get your tires installed, you are still among the few who think ahead.

The vast majority of us bank on winter being no more than a one to two week exception to 150 days of rain.  It gets colder than usual, dumps snow on us, then the rain will wash it away.  That may very well still be the case, but when you look at the long term forecasts of a colder than expected year here South of the Fraser, ask yourself the question:

Are you ready for winter yet?

I doubt it!  But you are not alone!