Listen to Neil and Leah’s chat about their fears from this mornings show.

I have the fear of spiders and snakes like most people but I also have a weird one as well.  Are you ready for this? I hate touching wooden spoons and popsicle sticks. It was so bad growing up that I would wrap the package that the popsicle came in around the bottom of the popsicle stick. I still do this actually to this day! I hate touching wooden cooking spoons as well, I refuse to use them. So of course I have metal ones instead. Just the thought of touching either of those right now gives me goosebumps!






Everyone’s got their breaking point, with me it’s Spiders

-Gord Downie-

Ever since i was a kid I have been terrified of spiders. There are three species that were particularly big and nasty where I grew up. The biggest was the dock spider. Big and black and a great swimmer dock spiders would live on floating docks at the cottage (cabin) we would go to every year.


A black and yellow spider that hung around tomato plants was also frightening as we would often lose a soccer ball in the plants and have to go in and get it.


A big brown type of spider would often make very big strong webs in between trees and running through them we would feel like the web had trapped us and I often wondered if the spider was now on my person somewhere.


Spiders have their role and do keep the bug population down.
That doesn’t mean they don’t scare me to death. They do.