I was a customer service call taker at a courier company, I would answer the phones and place the courier orders.  My friend got a job there first and we thought it would be fun to work together, we actually worked there for a couple years. However when I was like 10 or 11 I would help out at my moms salon some Saturdays as a kid, I would sweep up throughout the day but it was very infrequently and it was just to help out, but I did get paid.




I was 15 when I started my first job. I had the pleasure of cleaning a Fish ’N Chip shop owned by a wonderful family. The pay was minimum wage but the good news is I could drink all the free pop I wanted. My friends would come by and they would get free pop too. That was the good part of the job. The bad? Once a month I had to clean the vents above the fryers. You have no idea how much grease  get’s into the ventilation system. Cleaning them was like rolling yourself in grease. And getting off your skin took forever! I managed to do it for about a year before I escaped to the Pizza place next door and took my second job.