With the exciting news about baby Archie’s arrival and people’s differing takes on his name (wow, internet!) it reminded me of the insanity of trying to choose a name for your child!

Growing up, I was one of so many Jennifers, no matter where I went.  In preschool there was a tiny little adorable Jennifer, so they called me “big” Jennifer.  In elementary school, I was often “Jennifer #7” or even in one case, as “R” is a common first letter of a last name, “Jennifer R #2”!  It’s enough to give you a bit of a complex, isn’t it?

So of course I have endeavoured to give my children uncommon, but “normal” names.  For the most part, I think I nailed it, and I’m oddly proud of the fact (I think my fellow Heathers, Melissas and Sarahs can appreciate this achievement?).

Of course at some point we fully grow into our names, and even though my dad always said “when you’re 18, you can change it if you want”, of course by the time I was 18 I learned to live with my name and always going by my last name. (Note: I really wanted to be a Cindy, Brady Bunch pig tails and all)

I asked around the Pulse FM offices and Vanessa has always liked her own name.  “I really liked my name and still like it – there aren’t too many Vanessas in the world, plus every Vanessa I meet always seems to be friendly,” she says.

As for naming our own kids, if you want to see what’s popular these days you can check the BC vital statistics and see the actual names that are popular in BC for the last few years. There are also websites like Nameberry to get inspiration or see what to avoid!

It can be challenging to find something that works with your last name, and also doesn’t have any negative associations with your past (think ex-girlfriends or that weird uncle).

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