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Oh Donald Trump, of course he is trending…when is he not? Well Fortune Magazine claims he wants to redesign Air Force One so it looks more ‘American’. He is planning to ditch the plane’s light blue trim in favor of a red, white and blue scheme. Oh that man.

LeBron James has been carrying around a $41,000 man bag made from alligator skin. I don’t mind the murse (man purse) but I do mind that it is made of animal, being a big animal lover that I am. Also seriously $41,000??? I guess no one would really try and steal it away from him.

Anthony Bourdain’s show, ”Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” has been nominated for six Emmy awards. So sad that he won’t be there to collect the trophy should his show win and I think it will.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos plans to charge passengers $300,000 to ride his rocket into space. He plans to begin offering space flights in the near future, I think I will wait till all the kinks are worked out. 

And that’s whats trending!