Yesterday was Prime Day for and and no surprise crashed as soon as Prime Day started. Some customers were unable to access the sales. I adore by the way, the Prime membership is totally worth it.

Jeff Bezos the founder of celebrated Amazon Prime Day yesterday with a new net worth of over $150 billion. Wow could you image? Well he now has $55 billion more than Bill Gates.

Warren Buffett donated $3.4 billion to charity yesterday, I loved that guy! The shares of Berkshire Hathaway stock went to Bill and Melinda Gates’s foundation as well as several charities tied to Warren’s family. He is one billionaire who just keeps giving, I wish they all would do that!

Can you finish off a 40 oz porterhouse steak, anyone? Not many can but Shaquille O’Neal can and he did. He was DJing at an Atlantic City resort and casino when he ate his $120 steak the other day! Well he is a big guy!

That’s what’s trending today!