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Olivia Wilde Was Served with Custody Papers in the Middle of a Film Convention

Olivia Wilde got served with custody papers by her ex Jason Sudeikis while she was giving a presentation at a film convention.  But a source close to Jason says he had no idea it was going to happen that way, and he never would have condoned it.

Olivia Wilde was presenting her new movie “Don’t Worry Darling” at a Las Vegas convention called CinemaCon, when someone in the front row approached the stage and slid a manilla envelope marked “personal and confidential” toward her.  Olivia said, “This is for me?” . . . then picked it up and looked inside.  She barely reacted . . she just said “Thank You,” and continued with her presentation.  Which is impressive, because what was inside were custody papers from her ex  regarding their two kids.  That’s right . . . Olivia got SERVED right there in front of everyone.

A so-called “source” told TMZ that Jason had no idea when or where Olivia would get served, that’s up to the company tasked with handing her the documents.  And he never would have condoned it happening the way it did.  It’s interesting that some rando could just get into the building, and was allowed to get that close to Olivia.  The producers of the event say they’re reevaluating their security procedures.

(Credit: TMZ, Getty)


Lady Gaga wrote ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ ballad as ‘love letter to the world’

Lady Gaga’s newest song is set to take flight.

The “Chromatica” singer teased fans on Instagram and Twitter Wednesday with lyrics from “Hold My Hand,” which she wrote for the upcoming “Top Gun: Maverick” film on Wednesday.

Gaga,  posted a photo of herself wearing a white tank top, dog tags and an aviation suit while standing in front of the “Top Gun” logo.  The song — which features the lyrics, “But if you decide to / I’ll ride in this life with you / I won’t let go till the end” — will be released on Tuesday, May 3.

Trump supporter thinks Joe Biden is dead and being played by Jim Carrey

On Tuesday, comedian Jason Selvig tweeted a video of an interview with a woman at a Trump rally that raised eyebrows online, including Jim Carrey’s.  “I talked with a woman who believes Joe Biden is being played by several different actors – including Jim Carrey. Big, if true,” the tweet reads.

Selvig is one half of The Good Liars, a comedy duo that conducts satirical interviews about hot-button political issues in the US like abortion, and whether President Joe Biden is alive or not.

During the interview, Selvig asks the woman wearing a Trump hat and shades if she thinks Biden isn’t alive…. CHECK IT OUT

Elon Musk already broke his agreement with Twitter

When Twitter agreed to sell itself to Elon Musk for $44 billion on April 25, the two parties agreed to specific terms of the merger, signed a document, and filed it to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Musk doesn’t yet own Twitter, and he won’t for many more months, but he is now locked into a contract with the social network’s current management, and there’s a $1 billion penalty at stake if he pulls out. The two sides also agreed to certain rules of behavior for the period before the deal closes. And one day after that agreement was reached, Musk already broke the rules.

Musk’s agreement with Twitter allows him to tweet about the merger “so long as such Tweets do not disparage [Twitter] or any of its Representatives.”  But on April 26, Musk tweeted what could be considered two separate disparaging comments about Twitter employees.  While it’s unlikely Musk’s most recent tweets will have major consequences for him or the Twitter deal, they are further evidence that even a signed agreement—and the opinion of future employees—can’t keep the idiosyncratic CEO off his favorite platform.

Elon Musk Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live