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Mark Wahlberg says gaining 30 pounds for a new role is the toughest thing he’s done!

Mark Wahlberg has been in a LOT of movies lately, but his latest role is said to be his toughest yet!  In the upcoming movie ‘Father Stu’, he plays a boxer who decides to become a priest following a motorcycle accident that will change his life forever.  The movie looks fantastic, but as you can see in the trailer, he really put on the pounds for the role!  When asked about it in a recent interview he noted that gaining weight is fun ‘for the first hour…’, saying that he need to wake up in the night every 3 hours to consume extra calories.  He’d be full from one meal, and then still need to keep eating to gain the weight!  He also notes that he’s now 50 years old, and getting the weight off isn’t as easy as it used to be! Check out the trailer!!


Is Nick Cannon the new Kanye West?

Kanye West, or Ye, as he now refers to himself, as been all over the news lately for his antics around trying to get Kim Kardashian back.  It’s not a good look, and many are concerned about him.  It’s even escalated to Kim messaging him to stop what he’s doing, as it could become dangerous to their family (More on that here!) But now Nick Cannon could be following the same path!  He’s been separated from Mariah Carey for years now, but he’s recently released a new song called ‘Alone’, that is about his relationship with Mariah, and even samples one of her older songs!  Nick does say that he’s not trying to get Mariah back though, and that the two are probably better off apart.  Here him talk about it here….

Mark Zuckerberg wants his employees to be referred to as METAMATES

We all know that Mark Zuckerberg is a little different… The facebook creator and owner is known for some social awkwardness, and this news probably doesn’t help his cause.  According to a recent story, Mark wants to refer to his employees as ‘METAMATES’.  Meta is the name of the company that owns facebook and instragram, and it refers to the ‘Metaverse’, a virtual online world that Mark thinks will be the next evolution of the internet.  He also created a new mantra for staff, it goes ‘Meta, Metamates, Me’, insinuating that he expects them to put the company above themselves, and that if the ship sinks, they all go down together.  Very inspiring!