New Music from Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has released the first single from this yet to be named forthcoming album!  The song is called ‘Bad Habits’ and is already getting loads of hype and talk that it could be the song of the summer!  No word yet on when we’ll get the full album, but he has said it would be sometime in 2021!  For now, enjoy the song, it’s awesome!


Conan O’brien Says Good-Bye

After 28 years hosting late-night television, Conan O’brien is calling it quits.  He signed off last night for the final time.  While he won’t be doing late-night talk any more, word is that he does have other projects in the works, so rest assured that we haven’t seen the last of him.  Here’s his final sign off (Warning, contains some profanity’s!)


Britney Spears Apologizes for Pretending

Britney Spears has taken to her social media to apologize to her fans and followers for pretending that she was doing ok when she actually hasn’t been.  She spoke in front of a judge recently, addressing her conservatorship for the first time publicly, saying that she’s not happy, and wants it to end.  You can read her entire post below, and I think it’s safe to say that we all forgive her for pretending!!


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Rihanna and Drake Tattoo Drama

Remember when Drake and Rihanna were head over heels for each other?  Well those days are gone.  Back then, they got matching tattoos together, of a shark.  Well Rihanna was recently spotted without that tattoo!  She actually had it covered by another tattoo of a crown.  Safe to say she’s moved on!


Fast and Furious 9 Opens this Weekend!

Safe to say that it will be a big weekend at the box office, with Fast and Furious 9 set to open in theaters!  This marks the 10th film in the franchise, and is likely to do big numbers, despite how silly the franchise has gotten.  The reviews are mixed, but if you can accept how ridiculous it is, it might be a fun flick to check out, and if nothing else, the theatre is likely air-conditioned.