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Why Mandy Moore Threw Up After Reading This Is Us‘ Penultimate Episode

If you thought the May 10 episode of This Is Us was intense, you haven’t seen anything yet.

In the latest episode of the NBC drama, the Pearson children are forced to reckon with their mother, Rebecca’s, ailing health after her husband, Miguel (Jon Huertas), dies. And while this episode was a devastating one, Mandy Moore warned Late Night host Jimmy Fallon, “You might need a day off from work” after next week’s.

The actress, who plays Rebecca, added that she actually threw up after reading the script for the penultimate episode. “It’s really close to the bone for me,” she explained. “This has been my life for the last six years and it’s like I have to simultaneously say goodbye to the character, to my family and friends on set.”

Plus, she added, “This character’s also coincidentally saying goodbye as well, so there was a lot wrapped up in it.”  The show ended with Kevin (Justin Hartley) warning Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kate (Chrissy Metz) that their mom doesn’t have much time left, so yeah next week is going to be tear-inducing.


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Mac Miller drug dealer sentenced to 17.5 years for involvement in fatal overdose

Another man involved in the drug deal that led to Mac Miller’s 2018 overdose has been sentenced to more than 17 years in prison for his role in the selling of fentanyl-laced pills, Page Six has confirmed.  Stephen Andrew Walter, 48, pleaded guilty to one count of distribution of fentanyl in November 2021, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

On Monday, U.S. District Judge Otis D. Wright, II, sentenced Walter to 17 and a half years in prison and five years of supervised release.  Prosecutors had asked the judge to sentence Walter to 204 months in prison since he initially took the plea deal.  However, since Walter was still dealing even after he took that plea in 2021, the judge gave him the extra six months at the sentencing today.

According to Rolling Stone, Walter addressed the court on Monday in Los Angeles, saying he was “truly remorseful” for his actions.

“I’m not that type of person who wants to hurt anybody. That’s not me. But on the paperwork where it says that I continued to conduct in that kind of behavior after I knew that there was death, that’s not the truth, your honor.”

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Will the Movie “Rust” Ever Be Finished? One of the Producers Thinks So

One of the producers of “Rust” thinks they’ll be able to complete the movie once police finish their investigation into the accidental shooting of the cinematographer by Alec Baldwin

Anjul Nigam is one of the producers, and he says, quote, “The investigation will hopefully be resolved soon and will unveil what happened . . . [then] we’re confident we’ll be able to complete the movie.”  Baldwin hasn’t indicated HE wants to finish “Rust”, but it’s logical to assume that he and Nigam are on the same page, because they’re still working together.

They have a new movie in the works called “False Awakening”, where Alec would play a psychologist who helps the main character navigate sleepwalking episodes that interfere with his life.

Nigam compares it to “The Sixth Sense” and “Hereditary”, and filming will start this summer.


Scammer Anna Delvey holding art show: ‘My narrative, my perspective’

Society scammer Anna Delvey is continuing to try and drop the con from con artist.

Following the popularity of a “Free Anna” art show in the Lower East Side in March — which featured work done by Delvey and redrawn by fellow artist and former con Alfredo Martinez — Delvey is launching her first solo exhibition, titled “Allegedly,” on Thursday at the Public Hotel.

“This is a collection of sketches I’ve created while in ICE Orange County detention,” Delvey explained in a statement to Page Six. “I wanted to capture some of the moments of the past years, both never-seen-before and iconic, using the limited tools I have at my disposal. Some of the pieces are straightforward, others are more abstract and will be unique in meaning and appearance to the observer.”

She continued, “I studied fashion illustration at Parsons in Paris, but haven’t sketched since and only again now in this upstate NY prison. Long story — don’t ask me why.” She also added, “You’ve heard so many voices already, but this is the beginning of me telling my story, my narrative, from my perspective.”

Delvey sold the rights to her story to Netflix for the series “Inventing Anna” for $320,000, We’re told Delvey will appear at the art show via video link.   Chris Martine, who is handling art sales for Delvey through his Founders Art Club, tells us there will be 20 new works.  Instead of individual pieces for sale, Martine is selling a 48% ownership of the entire collection. He claims the total value is $500,000.

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