Taylor Swifts New Song Has Joe Jonas Trending On All Social Media & His Wife Sophie Turner Has Something To Say About It

Taylor Swift released a song she wrote in 2008 yesterday and now ALL her ex  boyfriends are getting scared. If you idn’t know Taylor wrote majority of her songs in the past about personal life experiences (aka love and breakups) and it seemed that on almost every album there was at least one song that was a dig at an ex. And up on todays menu is Joe Jonas. Taylor and Joe JOnas dated briefly back in 2008 and ended with Joe breaking up with her on the phone (so not well).

Of course now Taylor and Joe have both moved on and have different S/O and are on good terms, but yesterday Joe Jonas was trending after ‘Mr. Perfectly Fine’ (Taylors Version) (From The Vault) was released BECAUSE we know that the song is about him and their 2008 romance. Now Taylor is re recording all her old ablums because of a legal battle over the rights of the originals. She wants to own all her music 100% so she is re recording them and releasing some music we haven’t heard from the time the album was originally released.

Fans yesterday were making jokes about how Taylors back at it again, and how Joe is under fire ONCE AGAIN, but the best joke of the day was when Sophie Turner posted Taylors song to her Instagram story and said “It’s not NOT a bop”

Taylor Swift, Sophie Turner

So I guess we know now that Joes wife Sophie is in fact a Taylor fan!

We love that after al these years they can all joke around about it! You can listen to the full song below! ‘Fearless’ (Taylors Version) album will be released April 11


Eric Church Announced A Tour & Is Coming To Vancouver In OCTOBER?!

Eric Church has announced that he is going on a WORLD TOUR THIS YEAR and coming to Vancouver OCTOBER 29…. OF 2021?! WHAT?! Not only that but the venue will be 100% capacity. Will we be able to do that in the next 7 months?! Guess we’ll have to wait and see, but this gives me hope!!

Check out one of Church’s most famous songs, Springsteen, below!

Justin Timberlake Manager Tells Janet Jackson She Needs To Forgive JT On Her Instagram Post….EXCUSE ME?!

It’s been a LONG time since the wild 2004 Super Bowl halftime show with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson where Justin ripped off Janet’s bra and exposed her chest TO THE ENTIRE WORLD, and if you remember correctly, it didn’t have an affect on his career but hers was greatly affected, not to mention all the hate she got for it.

Well fast forward to this past weekend when Justin Timberlake manager made one of the worst moves of his career, and brought the dram back up ALL OVER AGAIN.

Janet posted an inspirational quote to Instagram for her followers, and then out of NO WHERE JT’s manager Johnny Wright comments on the photo publicly saying:

“You should take this advice and apply it to your relationship with Justin”

BUDDY!!!! Leave the woman alone, she’s been through enough and doesn’t need you commenting all over her page bringing up drama from the past. Apparently Justin was not involved and by no means agrees with what he said. It’ll be interesting to see how Justin Responds to all of this, you can see the interaction below:

Kevin Bacon’s Wife Kyra Sedgwick Told Him 3 Months After Engagement That She Doesn’t Like the Ring..

Kevin Bacon was hit with a surprise that he was NOT  expecting when he proposed to his now wife Kyra Sedgwick.. She didn’t like the ring he got her. Bacon had no help picking out the engagement ring he used to pop the question, and apparently, he should’ve got it.

Bacon was on The Kelly Clarkson Show and revealed she cried when she told him:

“About three months [after the proposal], we’re lying in bed, and she wakes up, and she’s crying, and she’s crying, and she can’t even say what’s going on, finally, she goes, ‘I don’t like the ring!’ I talked her off the ledge after that. ‘It’s all right, it’s all right, hone — we’ll go back. I don’t care — we’ll take it back,’” he said, adding that Sedgwick “felt terrible” about it.

Honestly what a great reaction from Bacon, and good for her for saying something.. I mean she has to wear that ring for the rest of her life

Khloe Kardashian Has Finally Responded To Body Shamers On Social Media

For her entire life Khloe Kardashian has been criticized from her body to her face, to her filters, to her EVERYTHING and she’s had enough.

This past week in particular someone from her team posted a photo of her on Instagram in a bikini that she didn’t feel was the most flattering and asked her to take it down. Once it was taken down people started criticizing her again and putting side by side photos of her comparing one photo to another. She has finally had enough after everything and posted a series of Instagram photos, including a video of her showing her body to prove that she has worked her butt off and even though she filters her photos, she looks amazing and feels amazing.

She followed that up with some intense words, swipe below:

“Just do you and make sure your heart is happy”