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Adele Released Her First Single Off Her Upcoming Album ’30’ – ‘Easy On Me’

Adele released her single ‘Easy On Me’ yesterday and it’s amazing! Her album ’30’ comes out November 19th. Check out the first single and music video below!

Coldplay Released Their Album ‘Music Of The Spheres’

Coldplay released an album and we gotra say.. Not the best. BUT we do love that the tour they announced to go along with it has them pledging to cut down their carbon emissions by 50% and to plant a tree for every ticket sold for their forthcoming 2022 eco-friendly world tour — which will feature a dance floor that generates electricity from the crowd’s kinetic energy.

“When [I] say, ‘I need you to jump up and down,’ I’ll literally need you to jump up and down,” Coldplay frontman Chris Martin explained to the BBC. “Because if you don’t, then the lights will go out.”

We love that! And now for the music.. You can decide yourself:

Kesha Is Becoming A Real Life Ghost Buster In New TV Show

“Who you gonna call?” … Kesha? Discovery+ and Kesha are teaming up and she is going to host a new reality series that follows her and other celebrity guests, along with experts in supernatural phenomena, to explore “mind-blowing” haunted sites.

“Conjuring Kesha,” reportedly its working title, will manifest in six hourlong episodes next year, in “cinematic, hands-on paranormal” fashion, according to the series’ description.

The 34-year-old pop star called the project a “creepy bucket list” opportunity for the paranormal enthusiast, who once claimed to have had “sexy time” with a ghost.

She also launched a podcast last year, “Kesha and the Creepies,” which explores all things supernatural with her famous friends and otherworld skeptics… Incase you forgot, years ago she claimed she had sex with a ghost.. So this should be interesting

Tik Tok Hired Actors To Become Influencers & Create Fake Lives..

We are finding out that several of your favorite influencers on TikTok may not be real people.. They may actually be fictional characters played by actors hired by the social media and entertainment startup company, FourFront.

According to a new report from Insider on Tuesday, the company has created 22 fictional characters or “TikTok influencers” and hired writers to develop their storylines over the past eight months. The actors cast to portray each online personality upload new videos to their accounts daily, opening about their fake, whirlwind everyday lives for hundreds of thousands of followers. Collectively, they have amassed 1.93 million followers and over 281 million views on the platform so far!

Despite using the hashtag #fictional in the video captions, fans most likely don’t even realize that the influencers they are following are not real people. Co-founder of FourFront Ilan Benjamin told Insider that the company is not attempting to deceive anyone

But who are some of these fake influencers??? Some of the most popular players include Sydney (@sydneyplus), who has over 494,600 followers, Tia (@thatsthetia) with over 111,200 followers, Ollie (@oxenfreeollie), with around 150,900 followers, and Butler Darren (@butlerdarren), who has more than 98,800 followers


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