Serena Williams Throws Out 2nd Place Trophies

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Tom Brady VS Patrick Mahomes – Everything You Need To Know About The 2 Quarterbacks Going Head To Head This Sunday

  • The Superbowl kicks off Sunday, Feb. 7, at 6:30 p.m. ET on CBS. Here are some fun facts about the 2 main men, Tampa Bay’s Tom Brady & Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes, both about this game and Super Bowl history in general.
  • Tom Brady is the second quarterback to lead teams from the AFC and NFC to the Super Bowl (Patriots and Buccaneers). The other was Craig Morton, who led the Cowboys (NFC) to Super Bowl V and the Broncos (AFC) to Super Bowl XII, but lost both times. In total, four quarterbacks have made it to the Super Bowl for two different teams.
  • Brady (Super Bowl LIII) and Mahomes (Super Bowl LIV) were the starting quarterbacks of the past two Super Bowl championship teams.
  • This will be the fifth meeting between Brady and Mahomes. They are 2-2 in the first four.
  • Mahomes was six years old when Brady won his first Super Bowl title in 2002 with the Patriots.
  • The most common jersey number for a starting quarterback is No. 12. It has appeared 30 times in the Super Bowl, not including this year with Brady. More quarterbacks have won the Super Bowl wearing that number than any other (17 times). But they’ve also lost more Super Bowls than any other (13 times).
  • As for Mahomes’ No. 15, that jersey number has appeared six times and has a 4-2 record.
  • No. 6 is the only jersey number that has never been worn by a starting quarterback in a Super Bowl.
  • Brady has six Super Bowl rings. To give an idea of how dominant that is, 27 of the 32 NFL franchises haven’t even appeared in that many Super Bowls.
  • The year after Brady won his first title in Super Bowl XXXVI, the Buccaneers won their lone championship in Super Bowl XXXVII.
  • Brady will be the oldest player ever to play in a Super Bowl at age 43. The previous record was 42, held by Colts kicker Matt Stover in Super Bowl XLIV.
  • This is the first time the Chiefs and Buccaneers are meeting in the Super Bowl. It is the 47th different first-time matchup in Super Bowl history.
  • The Chiefs beat the Buccaneers in Tampa by three points in their regular season matchup, 27-24, on Nov. 29. The opening line for Super Bowl LV was Chiefs by three.


Tom Holland says Spider Man 3 Will Be “The most ambitious standalone superhero movie ever made”

Tom Holland is currently filming the still-untitled “Spider-Man” sequel from director Jon Watts, and is REALLY hyping it up.. When asked if he could reveal “anything” about the third Spider-Man film, Holland replied, “Obviously, I can’t really say anything, but I can say that it’s the most ambitious standalone superhero movie ever made. You sit down, read the script, and see what they’re trying to do, and they’re succeeding. It’s really impressive. I’ve never seen a standalone superhero movie quite like it.”

…. BIG WORDS TOM, Superhero fans all over have some high expectations now..

Kanye West Is Getting Sued for $30 MIL Over His Sunday Service Shows

Kanye West is facing two class-action lawsuits over his Sunday Service shows. The lawsuits are divided by cast and crew, 500 performers and 300 staff members, who allege West did not pay them on time or mistreated them. The suit also alleges West’s November 2019 Nebuchadnezzar opera violated California labor laws by not paying employees on time, denying overtime, and denying bathroom and meal breaks.

One performer says he was paid a day rate of $250 (“regardless of the number of hours worked,“) and had no bathroom or meal breaks, had to either stand or sit on the ground because there weren’t enough chairs, and had to walk back to his car after a promised staff shuttle failed to materialize. Meanwhile, a hair assistant named Raina Leon claims it took her four months to get paid her fee, which totaled $600.

An anonymous source added, “No one knows how involved Kanye himself was, if he knew what was going on, as it was all so last minute, it was terribly ran. Whether it was mismanagement, accidental, or on purpose, this is a very strong case.”

The Weeknd Isn’t Bringing Any Special Guests Onto The Super Bowl Halftime Stage With Him

Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets TOM BRADY EDITION Is Hilarious

Tom Brady is headig to the Super Bowl for the 10th time in his career, and with that amount of success comes a lot of LOVE but also a lot of HATE!

Jimmy Kimmel does a fun segment where he gets people to read mean tweets about themselves and films their reactions & he did a special Tom Brady edition that is TOO GOOD! Here’s what Kimmel had to say about it

“Tom Brady is one of the all-time NFL greats, which means he also gets some all-time hate. But Tom is a very good sport, so we asked him to read a bunch of terrible things written about him on Twitter and he did so enthusiastically, proving that he’s even the GOAT of #MeanTweets​ “

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2021 Super Bowl Chiefs vs. Buccaneers THIS SUNDAY!