I had the great pleasure of seeing Michelle Obama on her book tour last week.  (haha, book tour!  It was a sold out show at Rogers Arena.)

She spoke about so much that totally stuck with me, but first and foremost about believing in your children. Listening to your children, engaging in conversation with your children, believing in your children’s dreams. I feel so strongly about this. Not just your own kids… but you never know when you could be the one making a difference to someone.

Cliche, but it was my 10th grade English teacher who really “saw” me. I mostly sailed through school (because I took easy subjects!). I really, truly loved English, literature and of course, writing. The one class I struggled in turned out to be English 10. Because she pushed me, she knew I could do more, she squeezed the most out of me. She made me love the language even more and I definitely felt like someone was listening, which was really rare for me as I tried my hardest to make myself small.

Recently, I saw her again as she came into my workplace. She did not remember me. I did tell her she was my favourite teacher, ever. And I hope she felt good about that. (Not to mention she looked phenomenal, especially for someone who spent the last 30 years teaching rotten teenagers like me!)

Shout out to all the teachers out there, when it seems no one is paying attention…