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 Happy August 1st! Or should I say ‘white rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit!’

Growing up my mom convinced us kids that shouting ‘white rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit’ the minute you wake up would bring good luck to the month.

So, we did. Every month without fail for 18 years!

This morning I rolled over and yelled it in my boyfriend Deryck’s ear, in which he as usual looked at me like I was crazy, screaming “What? Where? Where’s the rabbit?!”

I explained Mom’s superstition that we had to keep going…again, the crazy look.

But turns out Mom wasn’t so crazy after all  (at least not in this)

There are rumours World War 2  bomber aircrews would mutter ‘white rabbits’ the minute they woke up  the first of every month in an attempt to protect themselves from harm.

See, not crazy!

If rabbits aren’t your thing, how about salt?

Another ritual I’ve heard of is  ‘pinch, punch, first of the month’.  Salt is believed to weaken spirits, so some people apparently throw a pinch of salt on their breakfast the first of the month to ward off any evil goblins or ghosts lurking about.

Mmmm…nothing better than salted cheerios…

Whether you believe in superstitions or not, it can’t hurt to try em!

July’s weather was dismal. All South of the Frasers want is a string of sunshine before fall comes – come on August!

Maybe throw some salt over your shoulder. Couldn’t hurt.