How did it get to be mid-June so quickly?

June is one of our favourite months because the weather turns lovely and the days are long… but for parents it’s a real difficult one as the amount of things going on will leave your head spinning.

There’s the end-of-the-season wrap-ups, dance recitals, play performances, and team tournaments.

At school, there’s field trips and special year-end lunches and celebrations, and of course Sports Day!  In our house we have a “grad”, so there’s planning their activities and of course, wardrobe shopping for everyone (photo op!)

Lots of extra birthdays at school as those summer babies’ parents scramble to get their children’s birthday’s celebrated at school.

There’s the mad rush to get teacher gifts.

Last but not least, making sure child care and vacations are all lined up for the summer.

It’s almost time to ready, set, relax… just a few more weeks!