I was sitting here at my desk after hosting my on air show and I was thinking to myself, why am I so tired lately? It could be because I have been a vegetarian for around 7 months and I know that can cause fatigue since I don’t consume as much protein as I should, however I have been trying to find my right levels to make it work.  Earlier I was chatting with another host at our station Neil Morrison, and we were talking about our cats and how they like to sleep. He has a cat named Deedee and I have two cats, Patches (AKA) Boo boo and Bella.

Neil and I were discussing how cats like to take up most of the bed when they like to sleep, it’s a cats attitude for sure and any cat owner will most likely agree.  My Bella loves to sleep right at the foot of my bed right were my feet should be so I have to sleep diagonal and Boo Boo loves to sleep right above my head or right beside me. The more we discussed this the more I realize this could be my cause for being tired since I don’t dare move my cats during the night! They would be appalled, so I just make do and sleep all twisted up!

So the more I think about it the more they are the culprits!  I will definitely monitor the situation but it’s not like my cats will allow me to sleep any other way!  I digress.


(Pic courtesy of Instagram)