Crows are just about the most common bird we see on a consistent basis south of the Fraser. Many aware one of the the largest gathering (Murder) of Crows in North America is located in Burnaby – around Still Creek – up to 6,000 birds return there every evening. 

And of course like every living thing when you get a bunch in one place something bad is bound to happen. 

Something that is pure evil.

(Okay perhaps not but hear me out)

Sure, Crows are great at stealing your lunch on the golf course or a french fry you’ve dropped at your local McDonalds…but I never thought it would involve, ‘wiring theft.’

A crow caused a power outage in New Westminster on Monday evening. The bird found its way into the city substation, causing a fault and to knock out a feeder. 

Unfortunately for said thief, they never made it and succumbed to electrocution.


We need to have a word with our crows.