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Halloween is just around the corner and of course it brings out the macabre in people. There is actually a website that people are flocking to right now that tells you if someone has died in your house. I bought my place last year brand new so no one has ever lived in it, however would I want to know if someone met their end on the property I was inhabiting? Yes I would, the more knowledge the better right? So would you live in a place if you found out someone died there? Would it matter if it was a natural death or if it was a violent death? Here in B.C. you can ask the seller if someone has died on the property but they can choose to not answer directly and just tell you to look into it. If they said that to me darn right I’m looking into it! I asked friends and family members what they thought and most agreed with me and wanted to know, I mean the place could be haunted then right?



Leah Holiove