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There’s a new diet in town, folks!

According to Men’s Health, the ‘Flexitarian Diet’ is one of the newest diet trends that is quickly gaining traction as a popular method to improve overall health, while still allowing you to indulge.
Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? Let us tell you what it’s all about!
The idea of being Flexitarian is to consume a primarily plant-based diet, while treating yourself to meat only on select occasions. This is a lot less daunting for people, since giving up an entire food group cold turkey and becoming fully plant-based can be overwhelming – especially if it’s not something you’re used to! For beginners to the diet, they start with eating Vegetarian diets around two times a week. Advanced Flexitarians consume a plant-based diet five times a week, and enjoy meat on the weekends only!
Men’s Health also cites research, which states that Vegetarians typically weigh less, have lower cholesterol levels, and have a decreased risk of cancer.

With the inclusion of more fruits and vegetables in your diet while still getting the opportunity to feast on wings, burgers, ribs, and fried chicken, it’s easy to see why this less restrictive diet is becoming so popular!

So, would you ever consider going Flexitarian, or have you already made the switch? We’d love to hear what you think!