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I was asked if the coronavirus was worrying to parents, or causing any concern.  Are we doing anything differently with our kids due to this current virus?   So when I asked this question on my socials, the seasoned mamas on my feeds just laughed and sprayed me with Lysol.
Listen, when our kids go to school in September, they typically get a light cold immediately, one or two more through the fall, and November through February is just basically a snot-filled petri dish in the schools.
We are ALWAYS out here having our kids wash their hands and dousing their kids with santizer and/or essential oils and dosing them with probiotics and vitamins and whatever else – just to battle the common cold and/or flu making the rounds that WEEK.
Because once that germ comes home on our kid it tends to infect the rest of the dang family, which in turn tends to affect MOM the most!  We have to caretake, try not to get sick, and balance all our other work and home duties.  And then if the dad gets sick… well… that’s a whole other story.
IS the coronavirus imminently dangerous to children?  YES.  One terrible side effect I’ve heard is some kids are on the receiving end of some targeted racism due to the media coverage of the virus.  My daughter was sick recently and I mentioned she had a virus and she said, “Am I going to die?”.  What a scary thought for a kid who feels crummy.
So we need to be vigilant not only about germs but about the messages that our kids are receiving via us and the media.  Oh, and wash your hands – and then wash them again!