The 90’s were a time of mirth, mayhem and questionable fashion choices. Track pants and butterfly clips… mesh tops and wallet chains…
we were all guilty of Fubu Faux Pas.

And now, in order to win great prizes, we’re bringing it all back!

Tag a Mom in a throwback photo on Facebook and you could both WIN BIG!

From May 7th to the 11th, visit the Pulse FM Facebook page to find the official contest thread, posted from 7 am until 5 pm.

Upload a throwback photo of a Mom in your life (sister, cousin, boss, your actual Mom) and tag them with their permission!

“@Sadie B, remember your pink phase?!”


If your photo is selected, you’ll win a $100 Gift Certificate to Malary’s Fashion Network and they’ll win a gift certificate to Addiction Hair Salon and a $100 Gift Certificate to Art Knapp! A new set of winners is chosen every day!

Good luck, and for goodness sake, you are not going out like that!






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