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You Want Intimacy – Turn This Thing On

By February 1, 2018General

Most people who know me will tell you I live, eat, sleep radio. Until recently that was just a fact and little else ever needed to be said until the question finally popped up; why? Simply put, there is no other medium as intimate as radio. None. There are no pictures, no videos, nothing is spoon fed. It’s all up to you and your imagination. Many in broadcasting have backed away from that concept to put more effort into social media with all the bells and whistles, but the bottom line if you don’t perform in the ‘theatre of the mind’ you have nothing, especially in the 10-thousand personal song universe we live in. That’s not to say social media isn’t important because it is. You have to be where your listeners are. And, you, like me are on various social media platforms probably more than you care to admit. Think about the baby inside mother’s womb for nine months where aside from plenty of internal parts gurgling what they primarily hear is mamas voice and that of moms partner. So right from the start, the human voice plays a vital role in our development and all through the years. It touches us and it captures our attention and imagination like nothing else on earth. It’s in our theatre of the mind where all our emotions live, where we sort them out. And, I’m just glad to part of it – loving every minute on 107.7 Pulse FM