Yesterday Langley RCMP held a Distracted Driving blitz on 200th at Willowbrook. In 45 minutes they had handed out $5,430 worth of fines to 10 drivers. If any of those drivers get caught again within three years they will get a $2,000 fine and they’re insurance will go up significantly. 

We all know what can happen when we stare at our phones while driving, and yet many just don’t, or can’t not take look while driving. I’m fortunate, I am not a person who isn’t addicted to their phone so I can put it away with no problem while driving. But clearly some can’t. And a very few are going to kill someone or themselves one day. 

Distracted Driving in the province of Ontario has seen a dramatic drop since they imposed new fines. $490 for a first offence unless you fight and lose, then it’s $1,000 on a first offence. Kill someone while distracted driving in Ontario and you could be looking at a $50,000 fine. Extreme, yes. Necessary? Clearly. 

Let’s stop trying to frighten Distracted Drivers and really go after them with significant fines. The sooner the better.