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Halloween is almost here… like in 2 days!!! If you’re like me, you may be a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to planning your halloween costume.

No problem! I got you covered with some last minute costume ideas that are sure to be a hit AND can mostly be made with things around the house.

Here they are:

A Bat!

Okay… I LOVE this idea! If you have an old or broken umbrella laying around this can be a super easy, quick and cheap last minute costume! Just make sure you use a sweater you won’t miss because I’m guessing a lot of super is needed to achieve this one.

Holy Guacamole!

So cute! Perfect if you’ve been an angel in a past costume and have some wings and a halo laying around. Take a popular costume and turn it into a play on words. All you need is a green tee and a printer to get these cute avocado pictures pasted onto you!


50 Shades of Grey

Potentially the most budget friendly of them all! Just make sure it’s okay with the hardware store employee to take so many paint swatch cards home with you for free haha!

Snow White

We all love feeling like a princess now and then. But many of the Disney princess outfits require a lot of planning… but not snow white! Just wear blue and red, curl your hair, and accessorize with an apple! Bonus points if you go to a craft store like Michaels to get a bunch of fake birds!

Bread Winner

Head over to the Dollarama before they close and grab a metal, ribbon, pin or trophy and hold your household bread as an accessory! So easy and funny.. and may come in handy as a last minute snack for fellow party goers.

Chick Magnet

Okay this is great…. I was thinking for even more of a last minute, around your house item idea – you could totally use a travel pillow!! Throw that around your neck and glue some chicks to it from Michaels or the Dollarama toy section. Done!

She Sells Sea Shells By The Sea Shore

This is great for those of you who like a clever costume that is very lowkey to most eyes. Head to the party discretely, and when you arrive have a cool costume to show off when you open your coat. Seashells can be found at Dollarama too!

Queen of Hearts

A classic! Throw on your most “royal” looking clothing and grab that old card deck no one ever uses and get creative! A heart shape lipstick look is also a go-to!

Baby from “Dirty Dancing”

This is the perfect last minute look if you have absolutely no time to shop. Throw on your denim shorts and pink top.. head to the kitchen and grab that watermelon! Voila!

Old Married Couple

This one is for you couples out there that need a last minute costume! It’s hard enough to plan ONE last minute costume… but two that go together can be even more of a challenge. So throw on some jammies, grab some classes, and hot brewed tea. Thats it! You two are an old married couple!


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When all else fails… grab that white T-shirt and sharpie to make the classic “404 Error – Costume Not Found” outfit. Not original but it’s effective!


I hope these ideas were fun and helpful!

Happy Halloween friends! Please remember to be safe and have fun!

-Kate Tattersall