It’s funny how social interactions can determine how you present yourself, and who you let inside to see the real you.

For instance, I grew up as a guitar playing skater wannabe who lived for punk rock and heavy metal music.  The people I surrounded myself with were very clear about the look, the feel, and the sound of our group of friends.  God forbid any of us actually enjoyed something that the others didn’t…sound familiar? 

But as hard as we tried to conform to each other’s expectations of acceptable behaviour, we couldn’t stop the inevitable faux pas slipping through (thank God). I’m a human who loves music, and although my tastes will always lean towards aggressive songs with three chords and an attitude, the list of songs and artists that I would never have admitted to enjoying in my younger years is almost as big as the list that I wore so proudly on every T-shirt, patch, and sharpied up backpack that I ever owned.  Here’s a list of five (not so) guilty music pleasures that’ll give you a better idea of who I am.




Britney Spears – ‘Womanizer’

Catchy as heck, and moves at a great pace.  Plus, how can you argue with the lyrical genius?:


Womanizer, woman-womanizer

You’re a womanizer

Oh, womanizer, oh

You’re a womanizer, baby




Post Malone – ‘Rockstar’ *EXPLICIT*

Warning!! This song WILL get stuck in your head, and you’ll be singing the part where he goes ‘ra-ta-ta-taaaah’ over and over again until your spouse threatens you with divorce.




Future – ‘Life Is Good’ ft. Drake *EXPLICIT*

Let me make this clear.  I CANNOT stand Drake, but Future’s part of the song is great.  It’s mostly because he ends every single line with the word ‘woo’, and for some reason that tiny detail makes a song that would have gotten you banished from my stereo, actually quite a joy to listen to.




Glenn Morrison – ‘Goodbye’ ft. Islove

I just love the pace of it, and how the delivery of the chorus is somehow comforting even though he’s singing about heartbreak.




Tiffany – ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’

To be fair, I loved this song as a young child in the 80’s before I was indoctrinated into the cool club….so does it really even count as a guilty pleasure?




Five songs that you would never guess a guy that looks like me absolutely loves.  Surely you’ve got a couple that you’re dying to free your conscience of.  Feel free to drop me a line and let me know!