This past long weekend marked a turning point for me. I actually sat glued in front of a TV for more than a mere few minutes. I think I may have even enjoyed it. For far too long the Olympic games have represented little more than political opportunism. It may be the world we live in today, but these games seem a little more subdued. That’s not to say the competition hasn’t been outstanding because it has, it just feels less politically intense despite being in one of the worlds hot spots. Maybe I’m just generally in a good mood these days because not even the commercials, nor the bad (in some cases) commentary ruined the experience. I caught some boarding and skiing and loved it! And, talk about opposite levels of intensity I equally enjoyed the biathlon as I did curling. Regardless, of the sport or competition, it became clear quickly that all of these athletes had come prepared to compete and were giving it their all. It all seemed pretty selfless. And, it made me wonder why more of us don’t adopt some of these thoughts, mindsets, and discipline into our everyday lives to be the proverbial best that we can be. Many people do, but I think that too many of us get bogged down by the politics we find ourselves in. Perhaps there is something to the adage that you have to step out of the box to reach your personal goals. It also reminds me of a line attributed to renowned scientist James Bryant Conant; Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks out his neck. When it comes to our own individual happiness and success, perhaps we need only stick out our neck.

Ian Power