For me it begins with the tactile feeling of picking organic berries and leads me to the distinct smoky aromas of the BBQ filling the air. Here’s to pink and purple sunrises and burning orange sunsets dropping into the Salish Sea, summer excites the senses.

Filling your ears with the sounds of summer? Is there anything better than hearing an outdoor concert, festival, night market of baseball tournament? Listening to the drone at a crowded beach on the hottest day of the year, there’s nothing quite like it. The simple melody of birds chirping, bees buzzing and the dramatic sound of a train pulling away or a plane landing. It all speaks of summer. 

Who doesn’t remember the taste of their first s’more, lemonade at their own stand, Chilliwack corn and lake fresh rainbow trout on an open campfire – pretty tasty! Iced beverages, farm fruit and ice-cream must be added to the list, there are many more. Apparently even rosé is making a comeback. But let’s not forget about watermelon that taste like candy, a healthy summer treat!

A good book, that first summer job and drive-in movies help round out the simple pleasures of the warmest season of the year. Longer days and shorter nights allow summer to make sure we are always young, if only at heart. Take an early morning or evening walk, enjoy sleeping in the minimum, and the romance of kissing under the moon and stars. 

Summer is full of sweet sensational firsts, some of love, some of hurt and loss and some others in between. See you in September. Regardless, summer is for people who seek to fulfill such a rich bounty of acute seasonal senses, including touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell. All five told and the best of the season to you!

Ian Power