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Happy Friday eve, friends!

Something I’ve been working on lately is fixing my sleep schedule! I came across an awesome article from Fox News that breaks down 6 easy tips on how to accomplish this, and possibly even become a morning person (wishful thinking I know haha)!

I wanted to share all the tips, incase you’d also find them helpful too! Here they are:

1.  Do it in stages, not all at once.  If you’re always tired in the morning, you might need to go to bed earlier.  But don’t try to change overnight.  Start getting in bed 15 minutes earlier each night to let your internal clock adjust little by little.


2.  Open curtains and turn on lights as soon as you wake up.  Light tells your body it’s time to be alert and active.  That happens slower if your place is too dim.


3.  Be consistent with your sleep schedule.  Don’t sleep in or switch it up too much on weekends.  Consistency is key.


4.  Don’t hit snooze.  You’ve gotta rip off the band-aid and get out of bed.  Make it a rule:  As soon as your alarm goes off, you’ve got five seconds to start getting up.


5.  Take melatonin, but not right before bed.  Try taking it a few hours before bed to tell your body it’s time to start winding down.


6.  Try the “RISE” method.  We already covered a few of these, but each letter stands for something different.  “R” is for “refrain” from hitting snooze . . . “I” is for “increase” physical activity in general . . . “S” stands for “shower” or “splash” water on your face . . . and “E” stands for “exposure” to light as soon as possible.


What do you think? Will you be trying these tips? Let’s chat about it on Facebook @ Pulse1077!

-Kate Tattersall