TODAY shared TIPS on how to keep yourself honest when it comes to following COVID-19 guidelines:

  1. Ask Yourself The Hard Questions: If you have anxiety regarding the pandemic or another negative emotion is playing a role, try journaling about your feelings.
  2. Know The Difference Between a Lapse And A Relapse: Even if you forget to wear a mask one day, you can still wear it the next and the next and the next. These days, it’s important to show compassion toward ourselves and others when we make mistakes, but don’t use it as an excuse for slipping
  3. Tell People About Your Routine: Keeping those around you informed about how you’ve been spending your time not only empowers them to decide if they’re comfortable with your behavior before seeing you; it can also help you more accurately assess how risky that behavior is.
  4. Get An Accountability Partner: Find someone outside your household whom you can talk with about your approach to COVID-19 guidelines, suggested Peter Kozodoy, author of “Honest to Greatness.” The effect can be even more beneficial if you and your partner have different beliefs. This way, you can challenge each other and have honest conversations that can help you better understand your own behaviors.
  5. Take Steps To Form The Habit: If you’re struggling to wear a mask and social distance but want to do better, make an active effort to form these habits. Orbe-Austin said visual and physical reminders, like hanging your mask on your front door and packing a bag with hand sanitizer that you take with you, are good first steps.
  6. Establish Rules About How to Behave: Setting up rules for yourself and those in your household and clearly communicating them can make them easier to follow. Being thoughtful ahead of time can prevent you from asking yourself in the moment, “Is this really OK?”