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Happy Wednesday! Today the sun is shining and we are doing our part here at Pulse FM to make sure you are shining as well, while we focus on the topic of mental health today!

While taking part in social media trends to raise awareness is effective, there are many further steps you can take to make sure that your efforts are being seen and heard loud and clear by directly helping yourself and others.

For today’s 8 with Kate blog I want to break down 8 ways to help mental health, both for others and yourself! The first 4 points will be how to help others, the second 4 will be tips for your own metal health.

Here we go:


1. Donate directly to Canadians who are struggling with mental health issues.

This one feels like the best one to begin with because it is quick, kind and effective. Canada helps is a great organization. You can donate to them HERE.

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2. Search for a go fund me fundraiser/cause that you resonate with and help them directly.

Even a dollar makes a difference. If someone is reaching out to the public and you want to help, you should. Acts of kindness like this always feel rewarding even if it’s to a stranger that you’ll never meet.

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3. Reach out to your friends and let them know you are here for them.

Take this as a reminder to check in on your “strong friends” often times people are struggling in silence. You should never assume someone is having issues, but just remind people in your circle that you will always provide a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on speaks volumes and helps more than you know. Speaking from personal experience, having a friend or family member say that they’re here for you makes all the difference.
Even if they do not want to talk about it, knowing they have the option and that they won’t be judged already alleviates so much of the internal stresses they may be going through.

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4. Use your platform, big or small and repost resources to show people where to get help.

Whether you have 50,000 followers or 50 followers, if mental health awareness is something you care about – don’t be afraid to spread information to your network. You never know if someone is at home having a hard day scrolling through social media to pass the time. Seeing a post on how to get help or how slightly improve a current circumstance could be more motivating that you know, and maybe.. just maybe change the trajectory of their evening.

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5. Talk about your feelings.

NEVER feel like a burden for expressing how you feel or speaking up to the people you care about. If they care about you they will listen and help. Nothing is worse than bottling everything up. Even if you just want to vent about your week, ask if your friends want to do a wine and whine night! Complain together and sip some pino. But, when it comes to more serious topics, confiding in someone you trust can be super empowering and freeing. It’ll remind you that you are not alone. 

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6. Keep active and try to socialize with people that make you feel good.

I know that “keeping active” is the ultimate cliche when it comes to caring your your mental health. As much as you may not want to get up and move your body, there are many proven benefits of doing so. You will be doing your mind and body a favour even if you just go on a low cardio walk around the block. A walk can be a quick fix towards feeling a little better. The fresh air, new surroundings, heart pumps, and breathing exercises really help to calm us down. To talk to this point further, it is always good to try to see others that make you happy. So, if you don’t want to go on a walk that day, call up a good friend and stroll around the mall. You’ll still achieve the slight body movement and get in a new atmosphere. Plus, you’ll have someone to talk to and maybe even take your mind off of what you were not feeling great about earlier.

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7. Eat well and drink water – fuel your body correctly.

Let me sound like a mom real quick and remind you to eat your fruits and veggies!!! Seriously though, fuel your body correctly to make it feel good and your mind will follow. No, this is not a “cure” or a sure fire way of helping your metal health, but it is setting yourself up for success by giving some love to your body while you work through your struggles. BUT remember balance is everything and if you want to go scarf down a pint of cookie dough ice cream you GO DO IT!

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8. Ask for help.

When all else fails, you need to be proactive and put yourself first. Remember that there is no shame in asking for help and getting the treatment you need. You are never ever alone and help is always available to you! Call 811 to find resources in your community or call the mental health support line number HERE.

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Thank you for reading. Let me know on facebook @Pulse1077 if you found these tips helpful. Take care of yourself and stay well friends!


-Kate Tattersall