The blinding speed at which news travels these days, real or fake is enough to make your head spin. Often, we haven’t the time to digest much of anything before we’re fed another heaping spoonful. We want to be informed to ensure we make good decisions in seconds flat. With distractions at every turn it’s a wonder we get anything done at all. But we do because we have to. And, because we want to.

This is the time of year that brings on a heightened sense of nostalgia. What can we do to improve our lot in life, whatever that may be?

For me the (unofficial) end of summer has me wanting to keep the sun shining and wistful days afloat. There’s something about summer, another year older and so much anew waiting even as the leaves fall.

As we head into the Labour Day weekend let’s slow down, if only for a moment and celebrate the toil of our labour. I hope that includes family, friends and even strangers. Look back on those summer memories and store them in your minds eye. Then look straight ahead  because whatever you’re dreaming of is waiting for you. And, one final thought (for now) we are moving into municipal election season this fall. Become engaged so it becomes easy to cast an informed vote on election day. Ask questions. Own it.

Ian Power