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Yesterday a pop up kiosk in downtown Vancouver was giving away ketchup popsicles from French’s called the Frenchsicle. What better way to kick off the official first week of summer than a free popsicle that tastes like the worlds most used condiment? It was blowing up on my social media all day yesterday and the verdicts out and apparently it’s actually not that bad! The most common breakdown I’ve been hearing is that it tastes like a Caesar drink mixed with tomato soup.

This is one of those things that whenever I see them I will always try. This is in the same category as macaroni flavored ice-cream which while probably gross – I’ll never pass it up. Do you remember Valentines Day of 2021 when Kraft Dinner made candy flavored pink mac ‘n cheese? You had to order it online but by the time I went to get some they had already sold out or stopped making it.

I’m a huge fan of these off shoots brand flavors and I think as we put Covid in our rear view mirror, it’s things like ketchup popsicles and candy flavored pasta that we need for a laugh. Next up I think they should try out Mars Bar Milk or Charleston Chew Chop Suey.

– Jeremy