I must admit it was nice to get a break today from the hot scorching sun that we have endured the last few days. I do like the sun and the warmth but I don’t like it too hot, a nice 25 degrees is perfect for me. I guess us west coasters never seem to be happy, we complain about all the rain we get here and then we complain about it being too hot in the summer. We are a hard bunch to satisfy!

We have to be honest we don’t really have a super long stretch of hot weather in the summer, we seem to get shorter spurts but when they come they are hot. I have alot of friends from back east that tell me to quit complaining because we don’t get the humidity that they get and for that I am thankful! I will take a dry heat any day.

I do feel for the animals indoors and outdoors when it is really hot outside. I am lucky to have air conditioning on my third floor so my cats can get cool if they want too, but they stick it out downstairs because I guess they aren’t as wimpy as me.

The hot weather is expected to hit us again this weekend and as some of us complain don’t worry in the blink of an eye the summer will be over and the leaves will be falling. Then we will complain about that too!