Growing up in Cloverdale I hate to admit I never really had a reason to visit Delta aka the land of grain and fishing. Everything was in my hometown or in Langley that it just never crossed my mind to travel west beyond the odd pass through on our way to the Tsawwassen ferry terminal. However yesterday I had to drive from the Pulse FM station in Surrey to Delta to interview  Delta Mayor Lois Jackson. I ended up taking Ladner Trunk Road and am I ever glad I did! Travelling along all you see is miles and miles of farmland and blue, wide open sky. And the heritage houses! I must’ve passed two dozen beautifully restored, gigantic homes it was all I could do not to pull over and ask for a tour ha!

As I continued my drive towards City Hall off of Harvest Drive and Ladner Trunk Road I couldn’t believe how clean the area was. Not a speck of garbage on the sidewalks and the flower beds planted in the meridians were so healthy and vibrant it almost felt like I was in the Pleasantville movie. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating but still I’m embarrassed to admit as a born and bred Lower Mainlander I had no idea Delta held such beauty.

A large part of the city’s beautification and feeling of calm is credited to Mayor Lois Jackson who told me later on in our interview that creating a city that’s safe and exciting for young children to grow up has always been her number one priority. Based on what these fresh eyes saw yesterday she’s more than accomplished that. Tune into Pulse Mornings tomorrow at 7:15am to hear the full interview with Mayor Jackson.

  • Vanessa xox
  • @VanessaLYbarra