When I read the raving reviews for the movie ‘A Quiet Place’ I dragged my boyfriend Deryck with me to see it opening night. The movie had received a 96 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and was called by critics ‘a terrifying horror film about the depths of parental love’ so I went into it with extremely high expectations. The premise of the movie is the world has been taken over by monsters who attack and kill you when you make a sound. The only way to survive is to live in complete silence which is what the Abbott family (husband Lee played by john Krasinski, Wife Elevyn played by Emily Blunt and kids) do by mainly using sign language. Based on the fact there’s only about thirty lines of dialogue in the entire movie I had a feeling it was going to be slower paced and a bit quirky but what I wasn’t prepared for was how ridiculously unrealistic it would be. The only example I can give without giving away most of the movie is that the only place a person can be loud without getting eaten by the “monsters” is near a river because the sound of the water overrides human sound. Why the family continued to to live on a wide-open farm baffles me but hey, I guess if the family used common sense there would be no movie. It’s funny when I put my opinion of the movie on Facebook my friends ripped me to shreds, calling it brilliant with one friend saying I was the one who had an issue “suspending belief” for an hour and a half. Perhaps my friends hadn’t read the reviews beforehand and went into the movie with lower expectations or perhaps I really do have a problem letting go of my critical mind. Either way A Quiet Place isn’t worth making much noise about. However Emily and John still remain one of my favourite Hollywood couples xoxo.