Remember the fall of 2021 where it seemed like everyone and their mother was either talking about or watching Netflix’s Squid Game? Well if you didn’t know it went on to become at the time Netflix’s most watched and successful show ever. You couldn’t escape it! Every water cool conversation was either “Have you seen Squid Game yet?”, or “What’s this Squid Game everyone’s talking about?” If somehow were living under a rock and you missed it, it revolved around a character living in South Korea who is financially down on his luck and accepts an offer to join this competition at an undisclosed location to win some money and settle his debts.

Long story short he is one of 456 contestants that all are in the same boat but the competition they’re in turns out to be a deadly version of children’s games where if the players lose they are killed and the grand prize can only go to one person and equals around $38 million. It was a massive success and got great reviews from critics and viewers a like and was quickly greenlit for a second season which is currently underway.

But yesterday Netflix came out with the surprise announcement that they are embarking on the biggest competition show of all time with 465 contestants all aiming to win $4.65 million which is also reportedly the largest single prize money for a show in a real life version of Squid Game. Obviously this spin on the series won’t result in actual death just loss and disappointment. Plus anyone from all over the world can apply to be on this show just head to if you’re interested.

I think this is going to be an absolute monster success of a show. It’s going to span 10 episodes and I can only imagine how much people are going to be talking about it especially when it starts to widdle down to the top 20 and viewers actually get to know contestants and start placing their bets on who’s going to either backstab the others or take home the money. My only hope is that Netflix releases episodes once a week to really draw out the experience as apposed to taking an entire day to watch the whole thing and then it’s over. Either way I’m all in!

Are you going apply to be a contestant on Squid Game: The Challenge or play it safe and just watch it at home?