The island, the states, camping, Whistler; all pondered options for the Labour Day long weekend. But which to choose? After a few hours of research and deliberation, last minute planning ultimately decided our fate…staycation.

In order to make the most of this staycation, my partner and I decided to splurge on some of our local amenities, and live life like tourists for the long weekend. Two highlights: Cultus Lake Adventure Park and Uli’s Restaurant in White Rock.

Our experience at Cultus Lake Adventure Park consisted of three key areas: laughter, screaming, and competition. Typically, I’m not the bravest when it comes to rides, specifically when it comes to that inevitable dropping sensation most rides provide. Despite my fears, I of course still needed to experience the thrill! After many great laughs on the rides, like the Runaway Mine Train, tons of screaming on the Round-Up 360, and one very loud scream/nervous giggle on the Cloud Buster, we ended the day off with a friendly competition of mini golf at the Adventure Park’s “Giggle Ridge”. Did I say friendly competition? I meant 18 holes of pure rivalry.

The course spiralled through a variety of different holes in creative archetechical settings, with various water features. Each hole presented their own unique, fun challenges. After a consistent series of back and forth, and a little smack talk, my partner and I came out with an even tie. Of course.

After a great day at the Adventure Park, we decided it was time for dinner. But we didn’t just want ‘anything’ to eat, we wanted an awesome burger, the best burger in the Lower Mainland to be exact, and that’s where Uli’s came into play. If you haven’t heard already, Uli’s Restaurant in White Rock was voted “best burgers” in all of the Lower Mainland by Vancouver Sun readers. How incredible! Needless to say, we needed these burgers in our lives. We ordered the original Uli’s Burger, and the 2.0 Burger with fries to split. Neither of us could decide which burger we liked best, all we know is that we want to eat them again ASAP. These burgers were clearly awarded with the title “best burgers” in the Lower Mainland for a reason.

Although we didn’t get out of town for the long weekend like we originally had hoped for, we had an incredible staycation. To take a page out of our staycation handbook, don’t forget to make it to Cultus Lake Adventure Park before it closes for the 2018 season on September 16th, and don’t forget to try one of Uli’s burgers before I eat them all.



  • Amanda, Pulse FM Creative Director


Cultus Lake Adventure Park